Fashion and interior design are to some extent overlapping career options. Both deal with design, creativity, and business-oriented ideas. But they are different in various aspects, the basic difference is that fashion designers deal with cloth and accessories while interior designers deal with the interior decoration of a house or any other buildings like restaurants, companies, cafeterias, etc. Some necessary qualifications are needed to be a fashion designer and interior designer. Besides, qualification there is also some knowledge of certain things which designers of both fields need to know.  

The fashion and interior designers have to be (10+2) pass out, then a diploma or a bachelor’s degree course from a designer college is mandatory. Interior designers who have obtains the necessary degrees successfully, aspirants will come across many opportunities. They can be hired or else they can open up their own firm of interior design, the same goes for fashion designers.

Things fashion designers need to know are as follows:

  1. Sense of colour: Colour attracts buyers. Bright colour gives the vibe of positivity, while dull colours represent sadness. The crowd generally go for eye-catching, trendy colours. In the career option of fashion designing, colour sense is needed. So, a perfect grasp of the colour wheel is required. 
  2. Communication Skills: Fashion designers need to have good communication skills. Designers need to convey their thoughts to the world it is necessary to make people understand the thoughts behind a particular design. Many fashion projects involve more than three to four people, clear communication is needed for the perfect completion of the project. 
  3. Business-oriented ideas: Fashion designers should know business skills. Basics like budgeting and marketing knowledge are needed. As most fashion designers are self-employed basic business sense is needed.
  4. Art skill: A fashion designer should know drawing, sketching, and balancing between colour and fabric.
  5. Time sense: Sense of timing or punctuality is something which person of each field should have and fashion designers should be very precise with time when questions delivering garments come.
  6. Research: Fashion designers should know how to conduct proper research in the market to know about trends and demands, fashion design institutes train their students in such a way that already know how to do market research while studying the course.  

Basic things interior designers should know are as follows:

  1. Creativity: A interior designer’s foremost category is creativity. Interior designers design houses and other buildings for their clients, so creativity is needed so that the designer can solve the problems regarding arranging things in any resident and give a beautiful breathable atmosphere in that place. 
  2. Spatial awareness: Interior designers should have spatial awareness to make a place decorative in a proper way. 
  3. Colour knowledge: In a resident colour of walls and other things are to be very eye-soothing, and relief giving. Colour in all rooms can never be the same. Knowledge of colour wheel, and hues should be solid. 
  4. Budgeting: Many clients will come with different demands budgeting skills will help a designer to give the proper idea to its clients about the cost. 

In the interior designer institute in Kolkata, demands for interior designers are increasing as demand for interior decorated residents, companies, and cafeterias are on the rise. In both the design fields pragmatic knowledge is also needed is clear from above mentioned points.