Some people always make sure to wash their clothes with the greatest level of care possible. Others get the chore done as fast as possible.

But no matter what your style may be, you should take several simple steps to keep your clothes with zippers protected while they are in the wash.

To ensure that zippers don’t get damaged or snag your clothes, make sure to follow this guide on the things you should and shouldn’t do when washing your clothes that feature zippers.

Never Leave Zippered Items in the Dryer

The high heat from the dryer can damage your zipper. To be sure that the zipper teeth will keep their shape, make sure you dry your clothes on a low heat setting, or better yet, try line drying.

See to it that you take out the zippered garment from the dryer right away once the cycle ends. Similar to how you straighten clothes out from the dryer to prevent wrinkles, make sure you also straighten out the zipper to ensure that it won’t end up drying with shifted teeth.

Avoid Throwing Out Clothes with Damaged Zippers

As long as the zippers work, it is all too easy to just take them for granted. However, the insertion pin, pull, box, and teeth can get twisted, pulled off, or damaged. And the moment it happens, the zipper can get quite annoying and downright frustrating.

When this, unfortunately, happens to you, it doesn’t mean you should throw the item away. You can still try to repair the zipper to make the garment look as good as new all over again.

You can fix missing or damaged sliders, repair zippers that have come undone, fit a variety of zipper sizes, and repair plastic and metal zippers.

You can now buy convenient zipper repair kits that can take care of your ruined zippers so you can continue using your favorite garments.

Use a Pin to Secure the Zipper for Additional Measure

If you want to ensure that the zipper doesn’t accidentally come open during the wash cycle, there is an extra step you can take to keep it secure. You can take a safety pin then push the pin through the hole in the zipper’s metal pull, pin this through the fabric and then close the safety pin.

Doing this will ensure that the zipper will remain perfectly closed during the entire wash cycle. Painted zippers tend to chip off their color more if the zipper is moving around.

The zippers can also end up scratching the inside of the front-loader washing machine door, which means keeping the zipper still will also help protect your machine.

These are the main reasons why keeping the zipper secure is an important step when it comes to washing clothes with zippers.

Be Sure to Zip It Up

Keeping your clothes zipped up before putting them inside the wash will keep the teeth protected so that the zipper will continue to close and open easily. This will also protect the other clothes in the wash because the fabric can easily snag on an open zipper. This means that whether you have a zipper on tops, pants, or outerwear, don’t forget to zip it up before putting it inside the washing machine.

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