Christina Ricci Born 12 February 1980 Goddess birth sign Hathor

Hathor ladies have the present of shape-shifting — reinventing themselves for fresh inspiration. And there’s no better illustration of this energy occurring itself compared to Christina Ricci — she’s, in the end, been quoted as saying “I certainly hope I am not still answering child-star questions when I achieve menopause.”

Breaking free of the possibility of being typecast growing up-star (The Addams Family and Casper), Christina ditched her cutie toy image and effectively reinvented herself right into a cutting-edge vixen in risqué roles. Subsequently she’s attracted new fan bases with every shape-shift.

Her image, attitude and philosophy will get a normal makeover, however with Hathor guiding her natural instincts, she’ll keep doing so with aplomb.

Kristin Davis Born 24 February 1965 Goddess birth sign Oshun

Goddess of universal love and sensuality, Oshun women are generous using their here we are at themselves throughout a tidal “ebb”, as well as for others throughout a “flow”. All of us saw this trait for action through Kristin’s character Charlotte now (Sex And Also The City), but exactly how true will the Oshun character ring in tangible existence?

Kristin is really a unique balance of strength and innocence – she was a victim of alcoholism before locating the strength to handle the demands of Hollywood and facing it (sober) mind-on.