You may know it, you have tickets to a Halloween party and a huge desire to go but not that much time and money to spend on a costume. And then you look at the calendar and you only have a few days left to come up with something. The Halloween Costumes strike. Don’t worry, here are some tips for a Halloween costume that you can put together quickly and that are not too expensive.

Nurse Death

  • What do you need?
  • Red leggings
  • Red heels (or black)
  • Red belt for your waist
  • White make-up (for example, buy it at the Back Stage in Amsterdam, you can participate for years).
  • Fake blood. You usually buy this in capsules, for example at a party store or online.
  • You can complete your outfit with lenses (but they are 20 dollars each)

The trick is to use as many things you already have in your closet as possible. For example, you may already have the heels, belt and leggings.


This is the very easy costume for men. What do you need?

  • Jeans
  • Black sleeveless top (aka the wife beater)
  • Big button (one of those ‘hurrah you turned 30’ that you can get at the party store)
  • Gel and black hairspray (if your hair is not black)
  • Black eye pencil for the sideburns

The only thing you might be occupied with is Wolverine’s scissors. For example, you can make these from strong cardboard. You cut the scissors from the cardboard and then stick blocks of wood between them. You can attach these extra with nails. Then you can spray the scissors with silver paint or cover them with foil.

Draw the X-men logo on A4 paper. Stick it on the big button and hang it on your pants. Hopefully you have some length hair that will allow you to do the wolverine style with money. Spray your hair black, draw sideburns and voila. With the demon slayer cosplay Costumes you can expect the best.


What do you need?

  • Black leggings
  • Black tank top (unless you also want to do your entire arms, then choose a black long-sleeved shirt)
  • Black ballet flats or sneakers
  • You can buy bandages for 70 cents a roll at, for example, Kruidvat or you go to the Xenos and then you buy those curtains that seem to be made of bandage material.
  • Needle and thread. A lot of wire.
  • Face paint, blue and black (you can get it at the party shop or at the Back Stage in Amsterdam)
  • Blood Capsules (Party Shop)
  • You don’t have to, but you can still buy a golden pharaoh necklace at the party shop (10 dollars)

Cut the Xenos curtains into strips, or if you have bought bandages, roll them out. Put on the leggings and tank top and roll the strips around your legs first. If necessary, secure them with pins. Then you sew the strips. Don’t just put everything in place so that it stays put. This will keep you busy for a few hours. It is most convenient to do this the day before you go to the party because it is very difficult to get the leggings off afterwards. Then sew the strips to your shirt.