You may be committed to looking good at all times of the day. In other words, you wouldn’t leave the house without at least some foundation or eyeliner, let alone lipstick, to add enhancements to your facial features. It seems you are not alone, as people like yourself spent £8 billion in spas, salons and in-store treatment areas in 2021.

That being said, even if you enjoy wearing makeup, the hassle of applying it every day can be exhausting, especially if you have to get up an extra hour or two earlier to put it on. Over time you may grow tired of this and wish for a more straightforward solution. You may be surprised to learn that beauty treatments are available to make your life easier and eliminate the need for you to wear makeup daily. Although it can be costly (especially on a limited budget), the time saved in the long run will be well worth it.

Our article will provide you with some of the Best Value Beauty Treatments that are worth your money, even if you are broke! We’ll highlight the best ones and break them down for you so you can decide what to do—let’s make a start!


You may be the type to visit a nail salon every week for an elegant manicure to make you feel pampered. However, it can become highly tedious when your manicure begins to fade. When the paint starts to chip off, you are left with partially gone, unsightly painted nails. Having a gel manicure instead of a regular one may cost a little more, but it helps to extend the manicure in the long run. You can expect them to last a few weeks longer than a regular one while protecting the nail underneath.


A makeup tattoo is not the same as an artistic tattoo. This fact is especially important for brow and eyeliner users, who are constantly drawing on their brows or applying eyeliner daily. You should consider getting permanent brows or eyeliner tattooed, especially if you’re tired of this daily chore. They eliminate the hassle of applying makeup, allowing you to roll out of bed right before leaving for work. They last about one to three years, which is a long time to enjoy not having to apply makeup by hand.


If you are self-conscious about your thin, short eyelashes, you should consider getting eyelash extensions. After all, no amount of mascara or time spent curling those natural lashes will satisfy you. Instead, investing in a more professional technique, such as eyelash extensions, is the way to go. You can enjoy the pleasure of admiring those mile-long lashes.

Lashes can be extended in various ways, from the incredibly dramatic Russian Volume 3D and 6D lashes to the softer, more seductive mink extensions.

Individual eyelash extensions are available in mink that is cruelty-free or synthetic. They are attached to your lashes with adhesive and last for several weeks before needing to be refreshed. Top-ups are typically required every three to four weeks. They will last four to eight weeks before the last one falls off, should you decide not to get a top-up. That may be fine if you are only getting extensions done for a special occasion. They may even last longer if you take good care of them.


While you may have come to accept, even love, your curls, you are still irritated by the amount of frizz that appears whenever you are in a humid environment or step out of the shower. You’ve tried everything from haircuts to hair ties to hair gel. Paying more and investing in anti-frizz treatments, whether professional or home, is a good idea. Although some chemicals are required to tame that wild hair, it will eliminate frizz while retaining the lovely, natural curls of your hair.


If you have a lot of hair growing on parts of your body that you don’t necessarily want (e.g., upper lip, chest, stomach, etc.), then laser hair removal is the way to go. Sure, it can be costly, but it saves money over shaving or waxing your body every few weeks or months. Because laser hair removal can last for a year or more, paying a high price for this treatment may be worthwhile in the long run.


If you have fair brows that appear almost non-existent, fill them in with eyebrow tinting. Many people who have light brows see the benefits of doing so because brows (when visible) can add character to the expressions you project of yourself. However, finding the right shade or tint to use is essential. A too-dark one may not suit your aesthetics—that said, finding a balanced gradient is the best solution to a pair of lovely brows.


People who have natural single eyelids may want to have double eyelid surgery. While we believe everyone looks beautiful regardless of whether they have single or double eyelids. Based on societal beauty standards, some people who want double eyelids may want them so they can wear eyeliner more prominently. It is common practice among Asians and Asian Americans to undergo this cosmetic surgery. It is less expensive than other types of surgery, but you should take a step back and consider whether you need or want it.


Overall, getting beauty treatments can be advantageous for you, mainly if you are passionate about cosmetics and other ways to maintain good looks. It is important to remember that if you are not entirely comfortable with it or are only doing it to conform to social expectations, you should not feel forced to get such treatments (let alone spend a lot of money). Your choice should be entirely your own. Only then can you ensure that the experience of receiving beauty treatments will be worthwhile in the long run and enjoyable in the years to come.