We’re huge fans of the trend of merging modern and vintage jewellery. You should be able to update your vintage jewellery collection with the help of this tutorial. That way, your jewellery will be as unique as you are, and your antique pieces will always shine like new. Mix the jewellery you’ve inherited from loved ones with the jewellery you buy now for the most stunning look. It’s not difficult at all; just dig out some of your grandmother’s old jewellery and try layering it with some of your mother’s more modern items.

You may be surprised at how nicely contemporary jewellery works with vintage styles. Do that and see what happens!

Interlaying Bracelets

The greatest way to get a look that is both refined and current while wearing jewellery is to stack necklaces of different eras. A classic gold collar paired with trendy chokers from different eras makes for an eye-catching and on-trend look. One of the best methods to get a one-of-a-kind look is to layer several types of necklaces, such as a choker with a pendant necklace. Wearing gold with silver is highly recommended as it provides an extra layer of complexity to the stacking game. For buying online vintage jewelry items like these, you need to be careful.


Some carefully chosen vintage and contemporary rings will create the eye-catching ensemble you’ve been dreaming of. Wearing a vintage diamond ring will always add a sense of elegance to any outfit, and it never fails to be the final touch on an already impressive ensemble. The diamond antique ring is a wonderful addition to any ensemble when worn in combination with other rings, but it might seem too antiquated or feminine when worn alone. Combining antique with modern jewellery makes for a look that is both unique and on-trend. It adds charisma and personality to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to try out new ring combinations, such as antique with modern.

How To Pick Out And Wear Your First Piece Of Antique Jewelry

The first step is to search your jewellery box for priceless treasures you may have found at a garage sale or inherited from your grandma. Even if they seem old or worn, you shouldn’t be concerned. Following typical measures for maintaining jewellery should allow you to swiftly repair them.

We may point you in the direction of a particular site where you may get antique jewellery if you do not already have any in your collection. One of our favourite places to find the ideal piece of vintage jewellery is online at Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers, where they always have a wonderful selection of antique jewellery at affordable prices. Experts have examined each and every one of these items.


One of the most alluring aspects of antique jewellery is its complicated and sometimes imperfect look. Think outside the box on how you can style them. By mixing new and old jewellery, you may give your old pieces a fresh, modern appeal that will make you never want to take them off.