In the modern era wherein hair is the first thing everyone notices, it serves to be a crucial asset. Long, lustrous hair enables you to come up with new, creative styles while showcasing your personality. At the same time, as you start losing out on your mane, it could have adverse effects on your overall mental health while undermining your confidence levels.

This is wherein hair toppers for women come in. With the wide range of women’s hair toppers available out there, they are also known by other names. Hair pieces, toupees, wiglets, and hair enhancers -these are some of the common names used for hair toppers for women.

Different hair toppers will require different installment methods to clip onto the current hair system for covering hair loss. Some hair toppers offer more coverage in comparison to others. However, all of them are meant to blend in with your existing hair system upon proper installment.

What are Hair Toppers for Women?

Hair toppers for women are available in different sizes and forms. At the same time, hair wiglets for women are designed to conceal hair loss at different parts and phases of the scalp. Some toppers offer impressive coverage on top, while others are aimed at concealing the back or sides of the head. Some women’s hair toppers are designed to add immense volume to thinning hair.

As you purchase human hair toppers, you should understand that there is no universal size available out there. Hair toppers are customized to offer ample coverage wherever required while blending with the remaining hair. Human hair wiglets allow you to manage your hair loss concerns quite effectively. For ladies having thinning hair, you could consider adorning different hair pieces to conceal multiple sections -making them the best alternative for a fuller wig.

As you consider shopping for the best hair toppers for women, you should look into the size, foundation design, color, and length. It will help you achieve a natural look.

Top Ways to Style a Hair Topper for Women

Just like your natural hair, you are expected to try out the best steps to prepare your toupee for styling. Here are some tips to style your hair topper from a leading brand:

  • Consider Getting a Professional Trim: You might to go for a professional trim of the hair topper. It will ensure that the hair topper effectively blends with your natural hair. The hair topper you choose could be of a different length from the natural hair. This implies that some professional hair topper could be just what you require for preparing your amazing new look.
  • Go Through the Instructions of the Wig Properly: Before you start styling the wig, ensure that you go through the instructions properly. Different wigs will have different instructions for care and styling. It is crucial to follow them to keep your wig in the topmost condition.
  • Plaits: One of the most stylish ways to style longer wigs is by making beautiful plaits. There are several variations of plaits you can choose from -including the classic braid to French, Dutch, or even fishtail braid. You can consider styling plaits down the neck’s back or to one side -based on the type of look you wish to achieve.
  • Creative Ponytails: Low or high ponytails are a creative way to style long wigs. These are regarded as the perfect choice for coming up with a glamorous look with a hair clip or a headband. For creating a high ponytail, ensure that your wig is effectively secure. Make use of a hairbrush to comb the wig’s hair towards the crown to bring about a sleek look. For creating a lower ponytail, use a brush or your fingers to move your hair into a low-end pony.
  • Heatless Curls: As you style your hair topper without any heat, it will help in keeping your wig in its best condition. At the same time, you can also create amazingly gorgeous heatless curls. You can effectively curl a without heat by using plaits, bendy rollers, and a doughnut bun.
  • Styling the Hair Topper: Most topper wearers find it simpler to style hair pieces on a wig stand or a mannequin head as it will make sure that you will not miss out any section. At the same time, it can help in protecting your natural hair as it will minimize the likelihood of snagging, pulling, or breakage during the styling process. For added texture or volume, you can always consider using wig-friendly styling products -like a styling cream or a wig styling mousse.

Attaching a Hair Topper Closely

How will a hair toupee stay on? Hair toppers are expected to be firm in place on their own. Still, you can think of using extra methods to secure the topper in place more firmly. Indeed, you deserve a look that is amazing throughout the day.

Wig clips can help you secure the hair topper effectively. Wig clips are available in different colors and sizes for achieving a subtle finish and look. These convenient clips can help in keeping your overall worries at bay while offering additional confidence and security. You are only expected to simply sew the clips into the cap of the hair topper with some cotton. As you put your hair topper on, simply slide the clips onto your natural hair while snapping shut with pressure.

If you are not fond of wig clips, you can also try our specialized wig tapes for keeping the hair topper in place. Wig tapes are available in varying strengths.


The world of hair toppers for women can appear confusing. There is a myriad of styles, shapes, and colors available. With the right hair topper manufacturer, you can invest in the best quality human hair topper to conceal your hair loss and boost your overall confidence. Remember, it all comes down to your own personal preferences. Keep experimenting with new styles for hair toppers to look trendy all the time.