Destination weddings are ever-trendy as they are stated to be the best way to enjoy the most blissful memorable day for any couple. There are no second thoughts that Italy laps numerous fabulous picturesque spots perfect to plan a destination wedding.

The stunning venues of Italy boast of having the most enchanting backdrop of mountains, never-ending greenery, calm glittering sea waters and all the natural beauties that contribute to making your dream wedding true. Yes, you are right! All are jaw-dropping venues that make you feel lucky to capture the beautiful loving moments of life in the vast range of romantic locations.

To plan a destination wedding in Italy, a couple needs the assistance of an experienced wedding planner having extreme knowledge of all the popular wedding spots in that country. Princess Apulia is a perfect choice to hire as wedding planner as they are skilled in arranging the wedding from start to end. Once you appoint them, then forget about stress as all the wedding arrangements will be easily and aptly carried out by them.

Like all marriage ceremonies, even a destination wedding is a costly affair. Thus, to enjoy your wedding without any financial stress, know the factors that determine the cost of a wedding destination in Italy.

Here are they:

  • The wedding place: It is the major factor that decides the cost. According to many expert wedding planners, destination wedding venues may prove to be costlier compared to regular exclusive venues. It is because of the Italian location that has its own touring value. Hence, the cost of banquet hotels in some highly popular Italian tourist spots is pricy.
  • A venue having par exclusive ambiance and known for the most spectacular views all around is sure to dent your bank balance. In Italy, you will find loads of such venues however they are worth every penny as they come along with a wedding package. The venue has guest rooms, top amenities, banquet that looks heavenly for indoor parties, and many more facilities to keep your guests happily engaged.

Moreover, they have the most promising tasty cuisine to satisfy your guest’s taste buds. The outdoor wedding space would really be magnificent and you will be ready to pay the extra money happily.

  • Catering and selection of menu have great influence over boosting up the cost. It depends upon the delicious eatables chosen, types of drinks and number of guests.
  • More number of guests means the wedding cost is more as you need to accommodate them as it is a destination wedding. There is a need to pay extra amount to the hotel for the added amenities provided by them. The exclusive hotels in Italy aren’t expensive if you limit the number of guests.

To cut costs, you can opt for the usual package offered by the venue providers.  They are all highly acceptable ones as the package includes all the goodies that would make your wedding moments to be par excellent.

Moreover to spend all your saved money or taking a loan to make your wedding day quite exciting is sure to incline your stress level. Hence, enjoy your blissful day by hiring the best wedding planners in Italy who are ready to charge reasonable prices for their service.